Our Services & Repairing What We Offer

We are paramount experts of rewinding and repairing any kind of world popular (or unpopular) induction motors. For that we use world best, high grade quality materials, winding Wires and Milnex insulation papers. And our machines will do the precise calculations without human errors and finish the rewinding process.
Additionally we use the best quality shellac for winding insulate motors. Plus the quality of the repaired product will be assured as we even fit bearings mechanically with a high accuracy. We guarantee your satisfaction with our service and after service.


We have the expertise, training and the deftness to rewind any kind of Generator which use around the world (Capacity 0.5kW and upwards). And for that purpose, we use world best technical equipments, high grade materials and cutting edge technology. Hence the quality of our service even after your purchases are best assured.

We are always well prepared to do all the wiring for your office or home safely by using those ISO quality certified subsidiaries and appliances, under the worldwide standards and your precise requirements.


We are able to deliver you the high quality technical instruments, tools and appliances such as Sensors, Limit Switches, Closed Loop controls, Variable Speed Drives using highly accurate wiring diagrams. Those control panels has the capacity to protect your lives and holdings valuable, and we give you our word and guarantee about it.

Electricity is becoming one of the new age green, a source which should economize. Do you have motors and other electrical appliances in your office that practically eats the electricity and make your electricity bill fat? We have the exact solution for you. Let us install Capacitor banks which fitted out using high grade appliances, to keep your day to day activities without a change but reduce the electricity bill as well. Mount Capacitor banks to your system today and save the energy for tomorrow.


01. The way of providing the service

  • A technician will visit you within 48 hours.
  • Each and every telephone call received will be responded instantly.
  • Trustworthy service agreements.
    • Within the service agreement time span, the technical service will be provided free of charge.
    • Service agreements time spans
    • 6 Months, 12 Months (You can choose according to the necessity of service agreements)
02. Areas cover by Mobile Technical Unit
  • Domestic Wiring
    • Project - Safety 1st first stage
  • Providing the electrical engineer’s expertise support for factories
    • Project - Safety 1st Industrial Project
  • Providing the electrical engineer’s expertise support for offices, workshops and institutions
  • Providing the electrical engineering support for hotels, restaurants and boutiques
    • Project - Safety 1st Business Place / Promises
  • Star Hotels and Restaurant / Guest house / Rest house Electrical Solution.
    • Project - Hotel Maintenance (Island wide Star Hotels and Restaurant)

Completed Projects Projects We Done in SriLanka

Kandalama Reservoir, Kandalama. Lighting & Installing

Spiral bridge lighting & Installing new motor controlling panel.

Rajarata Rice Mill, Polonnaruwa. Wiring & Installing

Installing Electrical Motor controlling panel & Wiring entire project site.

A-One Rice Mill, Kekirawa. Wiring & Installing

Installing Electrical Motor controlling panel & Wiring entire project site.