Electrical Items Order it, Take it.

It is our responsibility to export laundry machine, kitchen equipment, and all kind of machine and electrical spare parts, all kinds of machinery, appliances and generators required for tourist hotels, factories, households and even marine ships from a desired country and deliver them to your doorstep as soon as possible. And our institution is always set to deliver any kind or any size electronic equipment exactly fit to your day to day life necessities to a reasonable price.

As we have the ability to deliver you any high quality product which gained the worldwide recognition in a short time, bestowing you maintenance and repairing services with an efficient, accurate fineness and as we have an expert team with up-to-dated technical knowledge to serve you, we believe that we can satisfy your customer needs beyond your expectations.


We can supply you generators under any brand name as your need varies. We will deliver and install it for you with a maximum guarantee.

Solar Power Systems

Join us and convert wasting solar power into electricity and save money and electricity as well. Installing Solar panels according to your necessity is another service provided by us.

Laundry Mechines & Spare Parts

We will export and install all the high powered, highly efficient and top quality appliances such as Laundry Washing Machines, Dryers, and Hot Water Geysers etc.

Marine Engine & Spare Parts

We have the capacity to import any type of fishing boat, Trawler engines and spare parts in accordance to your request. And our expertise of installing and mounting such equipments and parts, the fine service provided by us will add an extra value to your investment.

Domestic Electrical Wiring Items

Call us to get delivered any electrical appliance or subsidiary according to your home or office needs for a fare price and a guarantee.

Domestic Electrical Items

You will be able to get delivered any type or any size of electrical appliances necessary for day to day life, via our Brand name.

LED Power Saving Bulbs

We have the superior quality LED bulbs which will help you to cut down 50% of your electricity bill.

Kitchen Equipments

We will facilitate you with services varies from exporting to maintaining and repairing all sorts of kitchen appliances which need for hotels, restaurants and catering services. For this purpose, we have an expert team with an ample training.